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Read what clients are saying about Countryside Veterinary Hospital

Standard Poodle Dog

“Kind and Caring Staff!”

Dr. Prime was recommended to us by our Veterinarian in town when our Standard Poodle Koda’s ACL snapped in his right back leg.

Upon arriving at the hospital, I was so pleased with how kind and caring the entire staff was! I felt so at ease knowing that our boy was in good hands. Dr. Prime did an amazing job with the surgery and a year later you cannot tell which leg was injured to begin with.

I was also so surprised and pleased that all of the post surgery visits were included in the initial fee - we were given 3 post visits after the surgery including one a year later - just to make sure he healed well🥰

I am so grateful that we were recommended to Dr Prime and staff! Their hospital is definitely worth the drive out!

Thank you again Dr Prime and Staff for everything! Koda says “thank you” as well

Kind Regards

Jennie C.

Bullmastif Boxer

“I was blown away by their support and compassion”

Dr. Prime at Countryside Vet Hospital was recommended to us when Daenerys (aka Danni), our 4 year old Bullmastiff Boxer mix, was diagnosed with an ACL tear. After one conversation, I immediately saw why Dr. Prime was the right choice.

Dr. Prime and his staff (Meg) went above and beyond to ease our worries. They explained the procedure thoroughly and patiently answered every question. I always felt like I knew what to expect so there were no surprises with the surgery or recovery. I was blown away by their support and compassion in not only the care they provided our pup, but in easing my mind throughout the whole process.

I was so touched that they called with updates as soon as she was out of the surgery and that we could take her home the same day. Staff then followed up on a regular basis to check-up on her. I am thrilled to say that Danni returned to her usual silly playful self in no time, her leg has healed beautifully and has made a full recovery. Thank you again to Dr. Prime and his fantastic staff! I would not hesitate to recommend Countryside Vet Hospital to anyone.

Thank you again!
Daenerys, Chantal & Anthony


“We are very pleased with and grateful for Dr. Prime's work on her”

We took our dog, Rosie, to Countryside Veterinary Hospital for a right rear knee operation in June of 2018. Her CCL was torn all the way through. She was obviously in a lot of pain. Dr. Prime worked his magic, performed an operation, and Rosie came home on the same day. Within a month, she was SO much better. It has now been 7 months, and she is nearly back to normal. She runs, and does stairs well. She is still getting her confidence back about jumping. For example, she climbs into the car rather than jump. We are very pleased with and grateful for Dr. Prime's work on her.

Pet Orthopaedic

“There’s always quick follow-up after appointments. It’s a wonderful office.”

Jasper had two ACL tears (one each leg) and followed by repairs by Dr Prime. He’s a wonderful, caring veterinarian and the staffs are the best and most caring as well. Service is always swift, the office is clean and Jasper returns without too much anxiety – he’s an extremely anxious dog so saying ‘not too much anxiety’ is a huge compliment. There’s always quick follow-up after appointments. It’s a wonderful office.



The professional care and service was truly awesome

“The professional care and service was truly awesome”

Last summer I had to have my dogs leg operated on and county side veterinary was recommended and I’m so glad they were, The professional care and service was truly awesome would recommend them anytime.

They were very capable, friendly and obviously animal lovers.”

“They were very capable, friendly and obviously animal lovers”

I knew that my golden, Grady, was in the best possible place after meeting Dr. Prime and his staff. They were very capable, friendly and obviously animal lovers. They took Grady into surgery as soon as I could get him there which was 2 days after I first spoke to them. Before Dr. Prime performed Grady's surgery he explained exactly what he was going to do and then all of the after care I would need to do in order to keep the operation successful. Grady's first night home was quite rough but I had been told what to expect.

I slept on the floor beside Grady so I could calm him and finally, sunrise came. Grady was seen on two more occasions at Countryside Vet Hospital to evaluate his progress. I am very happy to say that he is doing well and is back to the Grady I have loved since the first day I saw him and brought him home.


“We are grateful and we will never forget Dr. Prime”

My name is Bella. Three years ago, Dr. Prime and his team fixed my left leg when I hurt it. This summer, I hurt my right. Dr. Prime, again with the help of his team, fixed that one too. Thanks for being there for me. My parents and I will never forget it. You were great.



“Back to his old self”

Do you see this face? This is the face of happy boy. Not only has Bentley successfully appropriated two of his favorite toys, but also is back to his old self, free to run, play and be a dog again! Thanks to Dr. Prime and his wonderful staff, Bentley’s cruciate rupture is on the mend. Dogs will always be dogs, and will always do silly things, but thankfully for mums and dads, there are great vets like Dr. Prime to fix their injuries so they can get back to doing all the things they love to do!

Thank you everyone! ** Woof ** 

Veronica A.


“Would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Prime”

I would like to take a moment and say a big thank-you to Dr. Prime and his wonderful, caring staff for looking after our Lab Abby. Dr. Prime diagnosed Abby with a ruptured ACL in her back leg. He performed the surgery to repair it.

Now our little girl is doing wonderfully. Looking forward to having her run and play like every dog should. We are 8 weeks post op, and Abby is in great spirits and using her leg very well. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Prime to anyone who finds there pooch with such an injury. Again very caring group of people at Countryside Hospital, they will ease your mind about the surgery as they did mine.

Thank you,
Tom & Christine C.


"Dr. Prime and his staff were amazing"

Hi, my name is Sparkle. I am a half-Yorkie/Silky, and I am almost one year old. When I was five months old, I was at a doggy daycare and there was an accident that involved me and a door. I had all my bones broken on my two front paws, so right away I needed surgery.

Dr. Prime and his staff were amazing and took the best care of me. After a five-and-a-half-hour surgery, I was put back together. The aftercare I had was amazing, along with the phone calls daily checking in on me.

I can't thank Dr. Prime and his team enough.



"Could not be more pleased"

Dear Dr. Prime/Staff,

About 9 years ago my Chihuahua Riley had fallen from my Grandfathers arms, and unfortunately broke her leg. After waiting some time at a veterinary clinic in Saint John, we were told our best option may be to amputate the leg as it would be extremely costly and a very extensive surgery to mend her leg. Unsatisfied with this response, we called the veterinary clinic in the University of PEI. Although we were willing to travel, they recommended Dr. Prime as he specialized in breaks and fractures in the area. The next morning, Riley was in to see Dr. Prime and he assured me he could repair her leg!! Dr. Prime and his staff eased our worries and we knew Riley was left in excellent hands. The surgery went well, and knowing I was worried sick,

Dr. Prime and his staff kept me updated with phone calls all throughout the day. The status updates on Riley were greatly appreciated and shows the compassion the clinic shows for the pet owners as well. When Riley was ready to be taken home, I was given wonderful instructions on how to care for her, and the staff called on a regular basis to check up on her progress.


This incident was 9 years ago (she was 6 months old at the time of the break). Riley has had no limitations to her movement despite having a metal plate in her leg. Over the routine checkups Riley has had with Dr. Prime, he never forgets to ask about her leg!


After our experience with Dr. Prime and his staff, we decided that even though his clinic is a 40 minute drive from our house, we would stay with him for continued routine care such as checkups, dental cleanings, and vaccinations.


I highly recommend Dr. Prime for all of your pets needs, but when it comes to fractures and breaks I could not be more pleased with the care my Riley received, and have no regrets choosing him.




Amanda & Riley


"As good as new"

On May 13, 2017 our German Shepherd, Ranger, decided he wanted to have a race with a side by side. Unfortunately, Ranger lost and suffered a broken hind right leg. As this happened on a Saturday night we had to take him to The Animal Hospital in Fredericton as there was no emergency service available in the Woodstock area where we live. He stayed there for a few days and then we took him to Countryside Vet Hospital where Dr. Prime did the surgery on his leg. He now has a plate in his leg and is as good as new. We are very thankful for the great care he received while a patient at Countryside. 

Would highly recommend this facility if your pet needs surgery.

Elwood & Linda G.


“They changed our dog for the better”

Dr. Prime and staff at country side vet clinic,

We are the proud owner of Marlee, a beautiful chocolate lab with eyes that could melt anyone's heart. I purchased her as registered CKC pup and unfortunately she's suffered from some health conditions related to her genetics. Ever since she was 8 weeks old Marlee has been lame and not well in regards with her knees (at the time we didn't know it was her knees until later on but thought it was her hips). Turns out after multiple check ups throughout various months we found her left CCL ligament was torn with a high possibility of her right too (the left being the worse and always noticeable with a lame leg). 


“Country Side Vet…took excellent care of my girl”

Ruby, saying she is active would be an understatement. She is almost four years old and lives to run and play, mostly with sticks. After a prolonged experience with limping, x-rays revealed she had damaged her CCL, we were referred to Country Side Vet by Royal Road Vet. I was a little nervous, since Ruby is a giant dog and sometimes has too much love to give, that a new crop of people might not like to deal with her. When we arrived at the office the staff were so welcoming and kind. I am sure they have dealt with every kind of dog with every kind of temperament and I should have known that going in, but you just never know what you will meet behind that door. We were ushered in and after some more tests it was established that Ruby would definitely need surgery.


“I highly recommend Countryside to anyone”

I don't think I can ever express my gratitude to Dr. Prime and his staff at Countryside Veterinary Hospital, this is my beautiful boy Cain. He could barely walk one year ago when we took him to see Dr. Prime. He had to have surgery to repair his left back knee as he had pulled his ACL and was in severe pain. Our hearts were broken. We were recommended to Dr. Prime on a Monday and by Friday Cain's surgery was complete and he was home. Dr. Prime explained everything he was going to do and took time to get to know Cain so that he felt comfortable being there. We were updated throughout the day on his progress and encouraged to call if we needed anything. We were called several times after we picked him up to make sure all was well. The first picture was taken the day after his surgery, then 2 months after when we were getting him back to walking a bit. The third pic is 6 months post and as you can see he was enjoying the snow and getting around great.

The last picture is him recently trying to get me to chase him with his ball...100% back to himself less than a year later. I highly recommend Countryside to anyone for this type of surgery and just overall well being of all your babies. Kind, professional, and very efficient, 5/5 stars!


“Extremely pleased”

We would like to express how extremely pleased we are with two surgeries Dr. Prime performed on Molly, our 9 year old shepherd mix. Last year she tore the cranial cruciate ligament in her left hind leg. Unfortunately, she had the same injury in her other hind leg this winter. For the first injury, Dr. Prime was highly recommended by our vet. For the second injury, there was absolutely no doubt Molly would be Dr. Prime’s patient again. Dr. Prime and his staff were so professional and caring, answering all our questions and concerns.

We are especially grateful for all the post-op instructions, ensuring a good surgical outcome. We were contacted the day after each surgery, making sure all was well with Molly and if we had any further questions. At all follow up appointments, we were given the status of her progress and recovery. Dr. Prime’s excellent surgical skill and the knowledge and kindness of his hospital staff made all the difference in Molly’s health. Molly is now doing great and she is enjoying the summer swimming and catching her ball!


Tom & Patti S.


“We made the right decision”

When our 11-year-old German Short-Haired Pointer, Sam, tore his cruciate ligament in Spring 2015, we knew the road ahead of us wasn’t going to be easy. Aging in years but as energetic as a puppy, Sam isn’t a happy camper when he’s immobile. Without question we knew we had to get the injury fixed, and at the recommendation of our veterinarian we scheduled a visit with Dr. Prime. We immediately felt reassured that Sam was in very capable and experienced hands. We proceeded with the surgery and the whole process was as smooth as possible, with clear instruction for pre- and post-op requirements and plenty of support from the knowledgeable and helpful staff. The surgery was successful and after a lengthy recovery Sam was back to his old energetic self. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and feel 100% confident that we made the right decision. Thanks Dr. Prime!

Katie & Mark


“Dr. Prime and his staff were so professional and kind”

My family all wish to express our thanks to Dr. Tom Prime for the care he gave our ten year old female lab Piper. She tore her ACL in her right rear knee just before Christmas. We all worried that such a surgery for an older dog might be too much for her. Dr. Prime and his staff were so professional and kind to her our worries disappeared. He explained the procedure so we understood what would happen and gave us advice on how to care for her in the coming weeks. We picked her up and took her home the day of the surgery. Everything that happened as she recovered we had been warned about so we had no times when we worried over her. She got steadily better and six weeks after her operation is walking fine with weight on the leg, can do the stairs once or twice a day with no problems. She slipped on the ice one day and recovered without a problem. We are looking forward to a summer of fun with a full recovery. Our thanks to Dr. Prime and his great staff.

William M.


“She is in great physical shape now”

My English Pointer, Shea, blew out both her ACLs within a year. She had the first one repaired at 7 years old and the other leg done the following year.


This breed is known for their bird hunting skills but their speed and drive in the woods often leads to ACL issues.

Shea meant too much to me to ever consider not having these surgeries done. In talking to Dr. Tom Prime, I was given plenty of confidence that Shea would continue her hunting career after the surgeries.


She was a successful field trial dog in her younger days and even though she doesn't compete anymore, she is still a very good bird dog and was hunted extensively this past fall (2015) at 9 years old.

She is in great physical shape now and I look forward to at least a few more hunting seasons with her.


Bob L.

Professional Bird Dog Trainer/Guide

President Maritime Bird Dog Club



“Diagnosis and options were well explained and gave us confidence”

We are very pleased with the service we received from the Countryside Veterinary Hospital. AJ is an 8 year old Airedale, she had a ‘Cranial Crucial Ligament Rupture’.

Dr. Prime came highly recommended, it was the first time we were faced with this type of procedure and we wanted to ensure we made the right choice. On our first visit we very felt comfortable, the diagnosis and options were well explained and gave us confidence in our decisions. The operation went smoothly, and AJ has recovered nicely, Thanks!

Barbie & Jeff T.


“Back playing and running with my friends”

Hi. My name is Bella. Last summer, I hurt my back leg real bad. My owners and I went to see Dr. Thomas Prime at Countryside Veterinary Hospital. He told us that I needed cranial cruciate surgery for ligament rupture. He quietly explained everything he and his team were going to do. The day after the surgery, they called to see how my night had been. At my last follow up, Dr. Prime said I was doing really well. Today, I am back playing and running with my friends at the park. Thanks Dr. Prime and your team for helping me and my owners.

Ted & Lise V.


“Grateful for the high-quality, professional and friendly care”

Putney, our 9 year old chocolate brown Cocker Spaniel, tore his ACL in early December, 2015 and we were immediately referred to Dr. Prime. We had no hesitation in proceeding with surgery and we were able to arrange a consultation within days and surgery the very next day. Dr. Prime and his team were thorough in explaining all elements of what would be done during surgery and what steps would be needed during recovery. From our initial meeting until Putney’s final post-op checkup eight weeks later, Dr. Prime and his team were extremely caring and obviously aware that Putney was much more than our dog and was, indeed, a family member. We are grateful for the high-quality, professional and friendly care that Putney received from the Countryside Veterinary Hospital and are pleased to say that Putney is back to his old self again. In another month, he can chase snowballs again! Thank you, Countryside!



“Surgery was a huge success”

It was a difficult decision to have surgery on my little Shih Tzu Cooper. He jumped from our sofa and started limping immediately. As with most dogs they tend to favour a sore leg. As he would be walking along his leg would give out which is frustrating for an active dog and upsetting for myself. I took him to our local vet, Dr. Arnott, who suggested a torn ACL was most likely the problem and would require surgery. I wanted to wait a bit and see if it would heal on its own, however did not. Dr. Prime at Countryside Veterinary Hospital was highly recommended. From our first visit where they explained the surgery to the follow up visits we were looked after with the utmost care. The surgery was a huge success with minimal scarring and Cooper was back to his active self in no time!

Lori C.


"Extremely knowledgeable and kind"

When our sweet little 4-month-old collie/retriever mix Hank broke his rear leg we didn't know what to do. Dr. Prime was highly recommended to us and had us in the very next day for a consult with surgery scheduled to have a pin and surgical plate put in the day after that. Dr Prime and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and kind. They did an amazing job with our Hank and after a long 8 weeks of crate rest he is right back to his happy rambunctious self. We highly recommend Dr. Prime and his staff and will continue to take our pup there.

Thank you so much

Karyn & Jeremy S.


“We are so grateful”

Our happy 6 year old Lab/Shepherd Boston began limping and slowing down over the fall. We took him to see Dr. Prime at Countryside Vet and to our dismay he had torn his ACL. It was a tough decision to make, to go forward with the surgery is a long post op recovery and can be expensive, but not doing the surgery would leave Boston with limitations and pain.

After lots of questions and consultation with Dr. Prime and the staff at Countryside we were confident that doing the surgery was the best decision for us. Boston is slowly but surely getting back to his old self and you can tell he is no longer in pain. We are so grateful to Dr. Prime and the staff for working with us throughout this difficult time.

They truly care about your pet and call often to check up on them, as well as make you feel comfortable to call with any questions or concerns you are having. I would recommend Countryside to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable and supportive atmosphere to seek care for your loved furbabies.

Jeremy & Kara W.


“We are very pleased”

Our family member, Cheddar was neither a young dog nor a small dog when he tore his cruciate ligament last winter. At 104 lbs, 9 years old and diabetic it was huge decision to move forward with the surgery. His quality of life was our main motivation but the financial part of it weighed in as well. Dr. Prime and his staff were very helpful in guiding us to our decision. With their assurance and an affordable price, we are happy to say that Cheddar came out of it like a champ, recovered quickly and now enjoys our daily walks and play time again. Dr. Prime was even kind enough to remove some arthritic material from around the joint to help in his recovery. All follow up appointments and prescriptions were included in the cost as well. We are very pleased with Countryside Veterinary Hospital and would recommend them for any and all your pet needs!

Jim S.


“I couldn’t be happier”

When Lexi tore her ACL in April 2015, I was told she would require a surgery that just wasn't performed (successfully) on dogs over 50 lbs in NB, by my own vet. I did some of my own research and Dr. Prime's name was mentioned to me several times, not only by his clients but also a dog physiotherapist. After meeting him I knew I would be making the right decision for my dog. This man exudes confidence. They got us in within a week and I couldn't be happier with the decision I made. The follow up care we received was top notch. It's been 6 months since surgery and she's back to her old self!

Kelsie S.


“Professional and compassionate care”

It is indeed daunting to learn that your "geriatric fur baby" requires orthopedic surgery on both rear legs. Fortunately, I was referred to the Countryside Veterinary Hospital where the diagnosis was confirmed. Pete, my 9 ½ year old English bulldog, would require repairs to both hind legs: the patella, miniscus and cruciate on the right and the cruciate ligament on the left at a later date. Great care was given to describe the necessary procedures as well as expectations going forward.

His recovery is being regularly monitored and has regained enough strength on the right side to undergo the second surgery. Pete is slowly but surely returning to his playful self, thanks in large part to the professional, not to mention compassionate, care he received from Dr. Prime and his staff. They have certainly earned the reputation of being dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of pets. We thank you...


B.V. & “Pete"


“We highly recommend Dr. Prime”

Our most sincere thanks to Dr. Prime and staff of the Countryside Veterinary Hospital for all of the hard work and attention they provided to our dog, Lexi, when she suffered a broken leg at 4 months. Dr. Prime was great, explaining all our options for surgery. He was very comforting, professional and accommodating. We're very happy to say that the surgery was a success! You would never know now that Lexi had fractured her leg. We highly recommend Dr. Prime! Thanks again!

Terry, Cat & our fur babies Lexi, Abby, Maggie, Brooke and Buddy


“We have our crazy little guy back to himself”

Sarge is the 10 month old boxer puppy who in January 2016 broke the radius and ulna bone in his left leg. Dr. Prime was highly recommended to us by our veterinarian here in Oromocto. A few months later and almost entirely healed we thank him and his staff for their attention to detail and focus on fixing our pup. So happy we have our crazy little guy back to himself. Thank you.


Brad J. & Anita B.

We were booked almost immediately and within weeks my girl was under the knife. I was probably more scared than she was, but the staff was so kind and patient in explaining my role in the process. After a long day of waiting they told us we were able to bring her home. When we left they provided us with a blanket to bring her home in and a lovely cone for her giant head.


They explained that she might be a little loopy and they were not wrong, she was dreaming and crying in her sleep, it was scary, but they had prepared me for it! They called the next morning to follow up and see how she did through the night, so kind, thoughtful and comforting to hear a reassuring voice on the other end of the phone. After six LONG WEEKS her staples came out and the staff was amazing, this is a dog that needs four people holding her down to cut her nails, and they calmly and quickly removed them without any incident. Since then her journey has been excellent, aside from a few hiccups because she thinks she is Wonder Woman, Ruby is on the path to being healed, but she never stopped being happy! I couldn’t say enough good things about the kindness and professionalism of the staff at Country Side Vet, they took excellent care of my girl, and me. Thank you!

That's when I found Dr. Prime and his staff. They changed our dog for the better.


Currently Marlee has only had her left CCL repaired at 1 1/2 years old and I cannot thank them enough. She is no longer lame, she isn't afraid to jump, she runs like I've never seen her run before. She still hunts with us as our retriever and pushes herself everyday. I was told by many that her hunting carrier may have just started but was now over; that is until Dr. Prime repaired her knee. At this time she is yet to need the right done in my opinion but if it comes to that time then they will be the ones to complete the task. Marlee is 2 years old and never been in better shape. I highly recommend to anyone suffering from CCL tears in your dogs! My dog is lame-free and ready to take anything head in now. Thank you so much!

Carlene & Ethan

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